Opening the Door to Paranormal Phenomena

January 27, 2010

Last night, as always, I was glued to my television to watch Paranormal State at 10:00 P.M. In this case, it was believed that the client’s first daughter, who was eighteen, opened up the door to activity because of her past involvement with drugs and association with Satanism. In the end, since the girl was of Catholic faith, Father Bob Bailey baptized the 18-year-old, in hopes of it closing the door to activity.

This got me to thinking. As cool as a lot of people think the paranormal is, it is imperative to keep in mind that there are certain things that can open the door to paranormal activity–harmful or not.

Here are some things that can set activity in motion:

  • Participating in seances
  • Playing around with Ouija or spirit boards.
  • Seeking out paranormal activity (such as trying to capture EVPs)
  • Messing around with voodoo or Satanic rituals (especially if you don’t know what you’re doing
  • Making pacts or “selling your soul” to the devil

As silly or crazy as some of these sound, I have heard cases of all of them in real life and on paranormal investigation programs.

There is also another situation I have questioned. I wanted to know if an avid interest and belief in the paranormal could open up the door to activity, even if one had never been haunted before. I looked around for an answer and finally got one from Justin Holstein of American Ghost Hunter. He told me that, yes, he believes, that could open up someone to being haunted. Apparently, it’s all about the state of mind you have. Therefore, if you believe it, it can happen. I thought more about it, and an episode of Paranormal State came to mind. It was the Hotel Conneaut episode, where supposed ghosts of a bride named Elizabeth, in her wedding gown, and a little boy haunted the building. I think that also, it was said that a butcher who was killed, also haunted the place. Research was done to see if any of the history matched up, and it did not. However, it seemed that the legends kept being passed down, and in turn, it seemed as if the stories and belief in them, created the paranormal phenomena, or put it in the minds of people that it was happening.

The point of the matter is, if you don’t want spirits hanging around your home or business, try to steer clear of participating in anything that could open up the door to activity. If you don’t mind it, just know how to be in control of your home or establishment. Protect yourself.


9 Responses to “Opening the Door to Paranormal Phenomena”

  1. Jen Whitten Says:

    There are also some in the Christian faith who believe an interest in the paranormal opens one up to demon oppression/possession.

    Of course, some of these same people believe a demon can possess your computer if you watch porn, so…grain of salt. ;)

  2. mkmiller Says:

    Oh lord (no pun intended,) I know all about that. I went to a charismatic church and basically, everything “bad” had a “demon” or “spirit” attached to it… that is, until they did the same thing. ;)

    This article is coming from a former Christian, with no Christian beliefs attached.

  3. mkmiller Says:

    But with that being said, I want to say that I don’t think all Christians or all sects of Christianity are bad. It’s just not for me.

  4. TaraAthenry Says:

    I have had two instances of this. One was the result of someone else, another an instance of me being stupid when I was younger.

    Anyone interested in making contact but worried about opening this kind of door can speak to a guide. At the very least, check out some sage cleansing rituals.

    The voodoo-related stuff on PRS and other shows always bothers me because it seems so specific, vivid, and targeted towards one person.

  5. Jen Whitten Says:

    Ah, I guess I should mention that I have nothing against Christianity either. I only mentioned it because I was thinking of an article I read by a Christian minister that talked about demon possession. Even though I’ve researched other beliefs, I can’t seem to remember off the top of my head which other ones believe in demons, so I’m falling back on the upbringing. :)

  6. Jen Whitten Says:

    Regarding what Tara was saying about the sage cleansing rituals: Might not be a bad idea to involve your guide in it to confirm what you’re trying to get rid of is actually gone. I had a friend that just had to go through several in a row to clear her house and it took another medium thinking to call in her guides to help “chase” the unwanted spirit away.

    *shakes head* Wish I’d though of that. I assumed it worked because the presence left while I was there. Turns out the ghost was just running from me, not anything my friend was doing. Apparently, I’m the equivalent of the Boogie Man to ghosts…

  7. mkmiller Says:

    It’s always good to clarify. You never know who might be reading this blog.

    ROFL @ the Boogie Man comment!

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  9. I have been a paranormal investigator for 3 years! I must say i have seen the good, bad and worse of paranormal. Gateways to paranormal activity in your own home should be taken very seriously. Most of our clients that experience such not normal things usually are a result in opening the mind to believe!! Always keep your faith guard up, if you drop it you are leaving the door right open for bad experiences!!

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