Sickness and the Paranormal

February 7, 2010

I was ill yesterday. Still in recovery from my 1/15 sinus surgery, I was running a fever and experiencing what is probably a sinus infection (I see the doctor soon). I’m out of the danger zone for sugery-related meningitis, but it was pretty rough. The severe sinus headache went all migraine and next thing I knew, I was praying to the porcelain god as though I’d been enjoying whiskey instead of Carnation Instant Breakfast just a few hours earlier.

I had trouble sleeping during the illness event, but when I did sleep, the dreams were vivid. Let’s look at what was affecting the dreams:

  • Illness
  • Medication
  • Oversleeping
  • Other goings-on in the room as my husband was awake and moving around quietly

I definitely had some dreams which may or may not have been paranormal, but it’s tough to say considering the other things were influencing me. I am in a location with confirmed activity, so the odds aren’t impossible. A lot of other people have been sick (and have passed away) in this home over the years. Sometimes I wonder if that’s a reason to sell the house–then I remember that these people were loving members of my husband’s family. Still, it’s weird to feel watched sometimes.

I was also reminded of a time when I was younger. I had a similar fever–also starting with that awful sinus headache and escalating into the migraine zone. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I saw black ‘things’ swirling around above me. It was probably Benadryl-induced, but it was still scary as hell.

I’m not sure if there will ever be a way to verify whether dreams and visions are paranormal or not. I’ve had some experiences during sleep that are undeniably paranormal, and others that come and go mysteriously with the headaches and vomiting.

What do you think?


4 Responses to “Sickness and the Paranormal”

  1. Jen Whitten Says:

    Do you know what phase the moon was in? That can sometimes affect dreams.

    As for the swirling black things…Not to freak you out, but based on the fast onset of the headaches and illness, it sounds like something was there and you were having an adverse reaction to it. I won’t go so far as to say demon – because I’m not sure I believe in the conventional definition of them – but being in the presence of a spirit with negative energy can cause headaches and sickness – especially in sensitives because, well, we’re sensitive. If you haven’t already, a clearing or a cleansing might be in order.

  2. TaraAthenry Says:

    I’m not sure–but since dreams seem to be the paranormal’s gateway to me, I think I will research that. I tend to get more activity during ‘my time of the month,’ which does not necessarily correlate with a full moon…it just seems to open the creativity chakra big time. I notice a difference in writing and yoga also.

    If it was a negative spirit, it was already dealt with. I’m working routinely to keep myself free of the second such encounter I have had…just thinking about this makes me want to do a cleansing. While I’m sure that the circumstances leading to the illness had a physical cause (my sinuses, pre-surgery), it’s likely the problems could be exacerbated by negative energy.

  3. Jullinnar Says:

    Hello There,
    Would like to share with you that I have the same experiences that you described. The thing is…..I have never has surgery, don’t take pharms therefore u can rule those out. When my abilities advanced I then realized that there are entities involved with these events that have frequencies that do not feel good. Some times the communicate to me telepathically, touch me and move things around my apt…..

  4. bonjovax Says:

    Hello fellow blogger, I also experience the same thing…It happen when I was about to sleep at exactly 12 midnight.. and I sense some Psychic Activity (Paranormal Activity) and I got a headache plus migraine. I don’t why it happen sometimes.

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