Noises in the Night

January 23, 2010

Since I’m currently camped out in SerialKillerLand on my usual paranormal site, I thought I’d share a true tale of paranormal horror – or my own stupidity – with you. Now, don’t get your hopes up that I’m going to recount a tale of my walls dripping blood while my reflection in the mirror told me to get out in a spooky voice. I’m not…unless you’d like a total lie. Instead, let’s stay in the realm of my reality from last night.

Last night was a normal enough evening, except I went to bed hours earlier than usual. No research on the paranormal. No watching Paranormal State. In fact, I think I fell asleep watching Family Guy.

I awoke to the sound of peeping coming from the alarm keypad, similar to the sound it makes when someone opens an exterior door. A few seconds later, it did it again. No biggie. Probably just Hubby heading to work.

Except the house is pitch black and Hubby is asleep beside me. It’s 3:00 in the morning.

Being the brave and stupid woman I am, I got out of bed to investigate. All three doors were bolted so the wind blowing open a door was out of the question. Time to check windows. Halfway through the search, no open windows, no open doors. I’m starting to calm down.

Until I notice a glow coming from the office. Oh, my laptop’s on. No big deal…except I set it to hibernate before I set my dreaded alarm clock for the morning.

Here’s the thing about me that you should know: I’m one of those crazy people who has no problem ordering entities to leave a house or going out into the middle of the woods at midnight in search of a reported ghost. I’m always ready for a paranormal investigation. But when it’s approaching 3:33 in the morning, oh, you can bet I’m running – not walking! – back to the bedroom to wake up Hubby.

In my bravest big girl voice, I fill him in on the last 15 minutes and stare at him until he gets out of bed to recheck everything with me. He works his Tech Guy mojo on my laptop to determine that an automatic update ran at 3:02 (roughly the time I was debating if I was brave enough to get out of bed). I didn’t actually think my computer could take itself out of hibernation to do that, but sure…whatever. It’s better than the thought of a ghost letting itself into my house through a door to turn on my laptop.

Without explanation for the peeping alarm, we return to bed. At 3:33. Awesome.

Then my alarm clock fails in the morning. Not in the “hey, let’s snooze but hit the off button instead” kind of way. No, I mean it showed it was never set, even though I clearly remember doing this last night. According to Hubby, the only logical explanation is that I’m imagining setting the alarm. Sure. Still better than a ghost messing with my doors, laptop and my alarm clock.

Hubby’s also explained the nocturnal alarm peeps. Is it paranormal? Nope. Something that was securely attached to the wall fell on its own accord and landed on the trash can, causing the glass breakage detector to go off. Now, when that’s happened in the past, the sirens actually go off, but I guess his answer works.

Clearly, it’s all just one big coincidence that during the single hour period of the day with the highest incidence of paranormal activity (2:30-3:33 in the morning) that something decides to fall off the wall, causing the glass breakage detector to set off a different alarm than it usually does, while my laptop is turning itself on for scheduled updates that weren’t actually scheduled before I shut it off. While we’re piling on the coincidences, let’s go ahead and say that my alarm clock decided to unset itself at the same time. Just for grins.

See everyone, sometimes paranormal activity is all just one GIANT coincidence and we should all learn a valuable lesson about jumping to conclusions from this.

Except…I’ve never believed in coincidence…

If you’ve had a paranormal experience that turned out to have a rational (sort of) explanation to disprove the paranormal activity that freaked you out, now’s the time to share. Let’s face it…Whatever you say can’t sound any crazier than I just did. ;)